AiG MEGA Conference 2005
My brother Nathan & I took a week off to drive from Wisconsin to Lynchburg, Virginia, for the Answers in Genesis MEGA Conference, held on the campus of Liberty University ... on the way back from the conference we swung through Cincinnati to check out the new Answers in Genesis Creation Museum that's being built and is due to open in Spring 2007
July 16-23, 2005

001-Ohio Driving through Ohio on the Turnpike 002-Ohio Eastern Ohio 003-PennsylvaniaTurnpike Pennsylvania Turnpike ... the scenery literally got quite a bit better at the Pennsylvania-Ohio border 004-Penna Penna 005-PennaTpk Penna Turnpike 006-PennaHills Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state to drive through with the Appalachians and everything 007-River Some river 008-Penna Driving through Penna 009-Penna Pennsylvania 010-PennsylvaniaTurnpike Pennsylvania Turnpike 011-Pennsylvania I think I was getting a bit carried away taking pictures of the scenery we were speeding past 012-Turnpike Turnpike 013-Appalachians Appalachians 014-TorrentialDownpour We had to pull over on the side of the interstate for a torrential downpour, I don't know if I've ever seen it rain so hard before, but certainly not while I was in a car 015-Downpour Downpour 016-Downpour It was raining so hard that everyone pulled over ... by this point it was starting to let up a little bit 017-Downpour Downpour 018-Rainstorm Nothing like a huge rainstorm to make a drive interesting 019-Penna Approaching the Alleghany Tunnel on the Penna Turnpike 020-AlleghanyMountainTunnel Alleghany Mountain Tunnel 021-PennsylvaniaHills Pennsylvania hills 022-RainyDrive This was the second time I'd been on the PA Turnpike, and it was rainy both times ... I was beginning to wonder if it was ever dry in PA 023-PennsylvaniaRain Rain in Pennsylvania 024-Penna PA 025-PennaTurnpike PA Tpk 026-Appalachians Appalachians 027-WindingInterstate Winding interstate, heading toward Maryland 028-LincolnMemorial We tried to take a bit of a detour through Washington, DC since there was horrendous construction on the Beltway -- big mistake, we got pretty lost in the morass of no-left-turn-allowed streets and whatnot 029-Tim'sPets Nathan & I stayed the night a few miles south of DC at Nathan's friend Tim's hobby farm, and these are two of his pets, though the basset hound was getting pretty old and arthritic 030-Tim'sPets Tim's pets 031-TimNathan Tim & Nathan 032-CatsChickens Cats & chickens 033-TimKristin'sHouse Tim & Kristin's home 034-Tim'sDogs Tim's dogs 035-PotomacBridge After going to church with Tim & Kristin on Sunday morning, Nathan & I left DC and started heading south for Lynchburg, VA ... this is a bridge across the Potomac 036-TallBridge A very tall bridge 037-MarylandVirginiaBridge Maryland-Virginia Bridge 038-Virginia Rural Virginia is beautiful 039-VirginiaByway Virginia Byway 040-VaByway VA Byway 041-Virginia Rural Virginia 042-Virginia Busy expressway in Virginia 043-Virginia Virginia 044-Virginia Virginia 045-Lemur Finally at the MEGA Conference in Lynchburg on Sunday evening, there was an animal handler with a lemur there on our way to supper 046-Jared-Lemur Me with the lemur 047-LynchburgWallCloud An shelf cloud with an approaching thunderstorm 048-WallCloud I was alerting people around that it was gonna get really windy in just a few minutes... 049-Storm Approaching storm 050-ChurningStorm A nice little updraft 051-StormClouds Storm clouds 052-StormUnderbelly The underbelly of the storm, which skirted past Lynchburg 053-BuddyDavis A Buddy Davis concert on Sunday evening 054-JonathanSarfati A Monday morning session by Dr Jonathan Sarfati, a biochemist from New Zealand 055-Sarfati Dr Sarfati 056-EmilSilvestru Dr Emil Silvestru, a speleologist (cave expert) from Romania 057-JohnWhitcomb Monday evening session with Dr John Whitcomb, co-author of the 1961 book 058-Whitcomb Dr Whitcomb 059-WernerGitt Dr Werner Gitt, an informatics expert from Germany, speaking on Tuesday morning 060-Gitt Dr Gitt 061-JohnHartnett Dr John Hartnett, an astrophysicist from Australia, with a fascinating talk on Tuesday afternoon 062-JasonLisle Tuesday night's speaker, Dr Jason Lisle, who earned his doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder just a few months prior to the conference 063-DonDeYoung The other Tuesday night session, Dr Don DeYoung, an American astronomer 064-CharlesWare Charles Ware, from a Bible college in Indiana, leading the morning devotional on Wednesday 065-GeorgiaPurdom Dr Georgia Purdom, a biochemist from the USA 066-SarfatiChess It's tradition for Dr Sarfati to challenge several people simultaneously to games of chess at these conferences 067-SarfatiChessChallenge Usually Dr Sarfati, who is a former New Zealand National Chess Champion and is a Grand Master, plays a dozen games simultaneously while blindfolded, but there wasn't anyone around that could confidently and accurately call out the grid-locations of the piece movement, so he played without the blindfold (but let each player choose their colour) 068-MegaChess I think this is what you'd call Mega Chess!  :-) 069-SarfatiMoves Dr Sarfati's move 070-Sarfati He'd just move on down the line, look at each board for a few seconds, make his move, and then go to the next one 071-Sarfati Some challengers managed to hang on for awhile, while others were dispatched quickly 072-Jared-Chess There was an open slot so I chose to jump in 073-JaredSarfati I at least caused him to pause for awhile at a couple of my moves, I count that as a moral victory!  :-) 074-AlreadyInTrouble Yeah, even though I've taken more pieces I'm already in trouble, as one of the two pieces of mine he's captured is my queen 075-RussHumphreys Thursday afternoon saw a talk by Dr Russ Humphreys, an astrophysicist from the USA 076-JohnBaumgardner Also on Thursday afternoon, Dr John Baumgardner, a geophysicist from the USA, gave a fascinating talk 077-JohnBaumgardner Dr Baumgardner 078-ResearchNeeded There's an absolute gold mine of research that's needed, just in Dr Baumgardner's main topics of specialty 079-JohnHartnett Dr John Hartnett gave another talk on Thursday night, though this one was qutie technical 080-HartnettEqns After a point I just gave up trying to write down all the equations 081-HartnettSlide Some features of Dr Hartnett's galactocentric model of the universe 082-CharlesWare Dr Charles Ware giving another morning devotional 083-Ware Charles Ware 084-KenHam Ken Ham, president of AiG-USA, giving the sendoff talk on Friday 085-DeMoss DeMoss Building at Liberty University 086-DeMoss DeMoss 087-DeMossHall DeMoss Hall 088-DeMoss DeMoss 089-Vines Vines Building, where most of the talks were held (it's also the basketball arena) 090-VinesCenter Vines Center 091-Virginia Starting the long drive back to Wisconsin ... again, rural Virginia is really pretty 092-VirginiaCurvyRoad Curvy road in Virginia 093-VirginiaCountryside Virginia countryside 094-Lookout Lookout 095-Appalachians Appalachians 096-Virginia Virginia 097-Virginia Virginia 098-Virginia Virginia 099-Va VA 100-Virginia Virginia 101-Virginia Driving through Virginia 102-Appalachia Appalachia 103-Appalachia I love the Appalachians, they're so pretty 104-Appalachians Driving through the Appalachians 105-WestVirginia West Virginia, another really pretty state to drive through 106-WV WV 107-CreationMuseum On Saturday morning, the final day of our trip, we stopped at the Creation Museum, which is located just about five miles from the Cincinnati Airport ... it's set to open in the spring of 2007 108-Lake A small lake on the grounds of the Creation Museum ... some of their plans call for eventually building a life-size version of Noah's Ark somewhere on the other side of the lake 109-Lake Lake 110-Lobby Inside the lobby of the Creation Museum ... remember, all these pictures were taken in July 2005, when the museum exhibits were still very much under construction 111-Dino One of many model dinosaurs on display 112-Noah'sCafe Noah's Cafe 113-Noah'sCafe Noah's Cafe 114-PostFloodMudFloor They even made the flooring of the cafe to resemble the muddy post-Flood ground 115-PicnicPatio Picnic patio just outside the cafe 116-Planetarium Planetarium 117-Noah'sArkScaleModel Noah's Ark scale model 118-SFXTheater SFX theater 119-Waterfall Waterfall 120-Dino Dino 121-Triceratops Triceratops 122-ExhibitWorkshop Exhibit workshop, where all the exhibits are being made 123-Triceratops Triceratops 124-Models Models for the museum design 125-SmallDino Small dino 126-Velociraptor Velociraptor 127-LongneckDino Longneck dino ... all the dinosaurs on display are models that were created by Buddy Davis 128-BiblicalAuthorityRoom Biblical Authority Room, with some stand-ins for how the exhibit will roughly look upon completion :-) 129-GraffittiAlley Graffitti Alley 130-EvolutionaryWreckingBall Evolutionary wrecking ball 131-Walkthrough Future walkthrough area 132-TRexHeads T-Rex heads 133-Jared-TRex It's not everyday you get to stick your hand in the mouth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! 134-DinosaurBeingMoved A dino model getting ready to be moved to another area 135-SevenC'sWalkthrough Seven C's of History Walk-through 136-Plaza Plaza 137-Models Some of the models being worked on 138-SevenC'sArea Seven C's area 139-SevenC's Seven C's Walkthrough 140-BabylonRoom Babylon Room 141-Tour Tour 142-Dino Another dino ... I'm tellin ya, these dino models are over the place, there are so many! 143-TriceratopsSkeletonCast Triceratops skeleton cast, one of only two in the entire world made of this rare complete skeleton 144-TriceratopsSkeleton Triceratops skeleton 145-BookstoreWarehouse Answers in Genesis bookstore warehouse, also located in another part of the museum building, in the back by the AiG's national headquarters 146-BookstoreWarehouse Bookstore warehouse 147-RadioStudio Radio studio 148-KenHam'sOffice Ken Ham's office 149-KenBuddy Figurines of Ken Ham and Buddy Davis 150-WoodDino Wooden dino ... notice the title of the booklet he's reading ;-) 151-NathanJared-CreationMuseum Nathan and me at the Creation Museum ... we can't wait to go back there when it's all finished! 152-Lake Lake 153-Lake AiG's planning on creating some nature walks back in there 154-Pillars Pillars of the museum 155-CreationMuseum Creation Museum 156-CreationMuseum Creation Museum 157-WisconsinSunset It was a long drive back from Cincinnati to northwestern Wisconsin, but at least we made it past Madison by sunset 158-I94Sunset Wisconsin sunset along I-94 159-WisconsinSunset Wisconsin sunset