Photo Albums – Penn State

After graduating from Gustavus, the next stage of my life was grad school. In August 2005 I moved to State College, Pennsylvania, to begin graduate school in Meteorology at The Pennsylvania State University. I earned my Master’s Degree in summer 2007, passed the PhD candidacy exam in January 2008, passed the PhD comprehensive exam in August 2009, and I’m planning to have my dissertation finished in early 2012. I made a lot of great friends at Penn State, in the meteorology department, in my church, and in the Christian grad student fellowship.

The football games at Beaver Stadium were pretty fun too. 😉

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2005-Fall Semester Random Photos 20051015-Parents in Pennsylvania
20051023-PSCG Fall Hike in Rothrock 20051025-Tropical Snow
20051029-Meteo Halloween Party 2006-Spring Semester
20060608-Storm Chasing Day 1:
Criss-Crossing Nebraska
20060609-Storm Chasing Day 2:
Northwestern Iowa
20060610-Storm Chasing Day 3:
Nebraska Panhandle
20060611-Storm Chasing Day 4:
Scottsbluff Supercell
2006-Early Summer 20060616-Twins at Pirates
20050624-Daniel & Katie’s Wedding 20050704-Central PA 4th Fest
20050722-Pinata Party

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