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Diego Garcia: Recreation

Before I arrived on the island four weeks ago (!!) I assumed that there really wouldn’t be very much to do, so I brought several books with me. Little did I know that the Morale Wellness Recreation (MWR) program here … Continue reading

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Diego Garcia: Downtown

I can’t tell you what the name of the town is that I’m living in here on Diego Garcia. After three weeks of living here I still don’t know if it has an actual name, but the two most-used names … Continue reading

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Diego Garcia: Research Site

In my first of a series of posts about my experiences on Diego Garcia, I’ll write first about the DYNAMO research site, and describe some of what I do for work, which is why I’m here after all. “Downtown” is … Continue reading

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Flight to Diego Garcia

After having spent a day and a half in Singapore, it was time to fly to Diego Garcia on 25 Oct for the main part of my Indian Ocean adventure! I met up at the hotel in Singapore with Rachel … Continue reading

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Where In the World Is Diego Garcia?

Many of you probably know about this by now because I announced it on Facebook a couple months ago, but I’ll be living for a month this fall on Diego Garcia. I’m pretty excited about it! Where is Diego Garcia? … Continue reading

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