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If you’ve visited my site before, you probably notice it looks quite a bit different from last time.  Read below to find out why.

I have switched my blogging platform from Movable Type to WordPress.  I’ve been intending to do it for awhile, and have had a couple failed attempts recently, but I finally got it to work today.  Now I have some work to do with fixing formatting, editing the look and feel of the website, adding links, functionality and other pages, and stuff like that.  But at least I’ve succeeded in importing my all my posts from Movable Type!

I’ve heard lots of good things from friends that use WordPress, and it seems like a very solid blogging platform.  I had an old version of Movable Type installed (from mid-2000s, and a complicated install that my old college roommate Josh took care of), and it was very bad at filtering spam comments.  By that, I mean it didn’t filter any at all.  It’s been tiresome for a long time to delete heaps of spam comments (sometimes dozens per day).  Stupid robots.  That was a main reason why I chose to switch.  Ultimately though, I felt like changing things up a bit, and moving to a platform that gives me more control, and is more modern, better-supported, and easier to use.  And with moving to Colorado and 2010 coming to a close, change is in the air, so I figured this was as good a time as any to make the move.

So hopefully I’ll be able to get everything looking how I want it soon, but for at least a few days, this will probably be a work in progress.

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