First Front Range Snowstorm

We finally got a pretty decent snowfall here in the Boulder-Longmont area on Sunday, the first substantial snowstorm of the season here (or at least the first that I’ve been here for). It was tricky driving to and from church in the morning, with snow coming down so hard for awhile after church that visibility was down to a quarter-mile. ‘Twas a good day to sit inside, make some eggs and sausage for lunch, and watch playoff football all afternoon!

When I woke up Monday morning there were about 7-8 inches of powdery snow on the ground, under crystal-clear blue skies. I could tell from our window that the mountains were coated in white. It was gorgeous! It was also pretty cold, only about 3 degrees, but I absolutely had to take advantage of the spectacular conditions and get some photos. So after getting back home from dropping off my car at a shop a mile or so down Lookout Rd here in Gunbarrel (more about that in a later post), I decided to walk a couple miles the other direction up Lookout Rd to the top of the hill. Here are some of the wonderful views I was treated to:



Now this is more what I expected Colorado to be like in the winter! Hooray for snow!

I really should sign up for ski lessons and take advantage of the snow, but car problems and an upcoming conference in Seattle might force me to hold off until February…

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