Bolder Boulder 2011 Results

Obviously it’s taken me entirely too long to make a short post here about how I did in the Bolder Boulder just over a week ago. My overall time was 70:42. My full stats and splits are available here, and some official photos and videos from the race are available here. As I mentioned in my previous post, my goal was to get under 70 minutes. I missed that by less than a minute, so I feel like claiming it as an “accomplished” goal. At the very least, I set my goals well. I know my pace.

I was pleased with how I started out the race, but I got tired, and wound up having stop to walk five times, and was exhausted by the end. That’s what cost me my chance at getting under 70 minutes. Even so, I’m really glad I pushed myself to do the Bolder Boulder, and had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that there were bands, belly dancers, or sprinklers to run past about every half mile or so. It really helped keep things interesting on such a long run!

Next year I’d like to try to get under 60 minutes if I can. I think that should be doable if I can improve my endurance and speed a bit in the next 12 months, now that I’ve shown I can do 5-6 mile runs. After all, when I’m this slow, I should be able to take minutes off my time pretty easily!

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