David Crowder Band in Concert

For my final night in Colorado a week and a half ago I went with some friends from Calvary to the David Crowder Band concert, which was sold out at the Ogden Theatre down in Denver. I hadn’t been to the Ogden before this show; it’s a nice little theatre with balconies in back and on the sides. Especially since this is the David Crowder Band’s final tour together, I was kind of surprised they chose a smaller venue like the Ogden, but I think it worked because the show had a more intimate feeling than if it were at a larger venue like the Wells Fargo Theatre (which seats 5,000+ compared to maybe 1000-1500 in the Ogden).

[I would’ve posted this earlier, but it took awhile to get someplace with good internet long enough to upload videos. A couple of the videos are still “processing” on YouTube.]

The opening acts were fellow Christian bands/artists John Mark McWilliams, Chris August, and Gungor. I was particularly impressed by Gungor. They didn’t have their whole band, but only three people for an acoustic set. I really, really loved what they did! Here’s a sample:

“When Death Dies”

“You Have Me”

“Beautiful Things”


Seriously, I would’ve paid the price of admission to hear Gungor alone. They were so good that when I got home I bought two of their albums (Ancient Skies and Beautiful Things) so that I could listen to them on my iPod on my trip. They’ll be the headliner at a concert in Colorado coming up sometime in the spring, and I’ll be going to that for sure!

As for this concert’s headliner, the David Crowder Band, they were awesome as expected. They’ve been making great music for 11 years now, with their 7th and final album being released later this year, and it’ll be sad not to have them on the Christian music scene anymore. Their variety of styles, everything from prog rock to bluegrass, is part of what draws me to them. Here’s a sample:

“The Veil”

“A Beautiful Collision”

“Go Tell It On the Mountain”

“I Saw the Light” / “I’ll Fly Away”


One of their encore songs was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra version of “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12-24,” which brought the house down. It was just like the TSO version, minus the ubiquitous fireballs and extra spectacle of a TSO concert. But with it being their farewell concert tour, I’m really glad they did some of my favorites from his albums, including “O Praise Him,” “Beautiful Collision,” and “I Saw the Light.”

I’m glad i was able to see The David Crowder Band in concert at least once before they’re done! And a night of worship was a great way to spend my last night in the U.S. before six weeks abroad!

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